• APR 15 2014
    NS Bikes at China Cycle 2014
    Here is how our NS Bikes / IBMXco booth looks like at China Cycle 2014 expo in Shanghai. So if you happen to be one of the 1,355,692,544 people living in China you can check out......
  • APR 11 2014
    Swatch Rocket Air this weekend!
    The small town of Thun, Switzerland will be taken over by the best gravity riders from all around the world this weekend. Swatch Rocket Air Slopestyle will be the first 2014 FMB World Tour event for Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) as he had to skip Vie...
  • APR 11 2014
    Nuno's new bike
    Looks like our NS Bikes / High Ride team rider from Portugal - Nuno "pintas" Barroso cannot leave his brand new bike even for a while. 2014 bike check will follow up shortly....
  • APR 10 2014
    Fuzz bikes leave the production line
    You may not know that unlike most brands, we don't build our bikes in Asia. They are assembled here in Europe and our production team is always there checking each single bike. And today is a very very important day at the factory. After many years of hard work the production Fuzz bikes fi...
  • APR 10 2014
    Sam Pilgrim joins Swatch Pro Team
    Just few days before Rocket Air Slopestyle in Thun, Switzerland Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) joins Swatch PROTEAM.   "Totally dedicated to freeride, Sam is the epitome of the new breed of MTB rider, the kind often seen in the skatepark or shredding the stre...
  • APR 04 2014
    Project Breathe Easy drops on May 9th!
    Hard work and determination... Get ready for it! Project Breathe Easy drops on May 9th featuring our NS Bikes / Octane One team rider - Matt Macduff and Aaron Chase, Anthony Messere, Sam Reynolds and Logan Peat....
  • APR 03 2014
    Enigma rims and complete wheels
    The Enigma is a new high-end rim - made of superalloy material with a special heat-treatment procedure. Lightweight but extremely strong and way more stiff than standard alloys used in most rims. A sleeved connection results in a strong and impact resistant rim and also saves weight due to...
  • APR 03 2014
    On the road to Vienna
    Our NS Bikes team rider - Bartek Obukowicz is on his way to Austria for the Vienna Air King. Stay tuned for more info from this weekends FMB World Tour event....
  • APR 01 2014
    Video: After Hours At Joyride 150 With Matt MacDuff
    Matt Macduff (Octane One / NS Bikes) Brayden Barret Hay and Bryan Sciuk take us on a tour of Joyride150 Indoor Bike Park once the lights are all turned out and the rest of the riders have all gone home.   Music: Red Fang – The WireVideo: KenMac &...
  • APR 01 2014
    Shimano BDS 2014 Round 1, Antur Stiniog - Sean Davies grabs 5th place!
    The first round of British Downhill Series is over. It was wet and things got wild. Congratulations to all the riders! Specially for Sean Davies from Fast/Hotlines/Kin-Gud/NS Bikes team for finishing on the 5th place and all the youth riders who were competing in the youth catego...



1. Sam Pilgrim (NS Bikes) GBR 4192,50
2. Martin Soderstrom SWE 3918,70
3. Brett Rheeder CAN 3860,83
4. Thomas Genon BEL 3628,70
5. Yannick Granieri FRA 3405,20
23. Patrick Leitner (NS Bikes) AUT 1948,20





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