Jan 1 1900

The new Rag JR: a real gravel bike for kids

This had to be one of the most satisfying projects within our kid's bike range. At the same time, it was also one of the hardest. Not much on the bike is standard, and to scale down a gravel bike proved harder than we expected. Every detail of this bike needed to be well thought out. It took many variations, lots of testing and R&D untill we were 100% satisfied with the result.



Investing time and energy into developing this bike was completely worthwhile. Maks, who had been riding MTB’s since he could walk, fell in love with the Rag JR immediately. His friends who also took part in the testing process wouldn’t hand the bike back. This bike simply rocks, and in our opinion, every kid that's serious about bikes should have one in their quiver.


Messy hair and smile of our young tester Max riding Rag JR


Some important features of this bike worth noting are:
- ergonomically designed cockpit, handlebar with the optimum drop and reach, correctly positioned hoods for small hands
- scaled-down gravel bike wheels: 26” on 35mm tires with a fast-rolling tread that works great on and off-road
- correct crank length (common mistake in kids bikes specs are cranks that are way too long) & low q-factor
- a lightweight alloy frame and fork fitted with components that aren't overbuilt for kids



Although getting used to a drop-bar bike can take time, and kids with small hands will find it a bit harder to handle the brakes, the initial effort required to master the bike is worthwhile. This is especially true if you spend most of your time riding fast, open dirt roads in relatively flat terrain. The range of a child on a mini-gravel bike is much greater than on any mountain bike (which is usually the go-to option for most parents). Also, fitting clip-on fenders opens up many options for riding in the wet. 




The Rag JR may also appeal to any kids who want to get into cyclocross and start getting used to the riding position from the very beginning. Although the bike is supplied with fast-rolling gravel tires, Schwalbe has 26” cyclocross specific tires in their range. They have a very aggressive tread, perfect for playing around in the mud.




The Rag JR will suit most kids from around 135cm to 150cm high. At the lower end of the scale, it will be necessary to mount a shorter stem and move the saddle forwards to achieve the correct position. Taller kids can use the original stem to adjust the virtual size of the bike by adding spacers on the steerer tube and shifting the saddle backward.


Check the full bike spec HERE