Jul 9 2020

Say hello to new BISTRO pedals


Say hello to our brand-new Bistro pedals!
These super lightweight, tough platform pedals offer tons of grip and won’t break the bank. The strong nylon body is fitted with eight replaceable alloy pins per side so you to customise the level of grip to your preferences. The pedals spin on strong cromoly axles with on one sealed bearing and one DU bushing on each side. The Bistro’s tip the scales at only 295g. The pedal body is nice and low, at only 15mm, and the size of the platform is a standard 100x102mm, which we think is a great compromise for most riders.



No matter if you ride pump tracks, dirt, street or just like cruising around on your gravel bike, we’re sure they’ll serve you well.



These high performance, affordable pedals come in four colour options: black, orange, blue and military green.