Feb 2 2024

Tegan Cruz joins the UR Team & shreds the North Shore

We are really happy to welcome the young “Canadian Cowboy” Tegan Cruz to the UR Team. Tegan has shown speed during his junior years and we are ready to support him as he deserves for his first year elite in 2024.

Tegan just got his DH NS Bikes Fuzz built up and went straight to shoot this video on the North Shore and as you’ll see for his first ride on his new bike and he already feels at home.


Tegan Cruz

“Here it is! I am super fortunate to be joining NS bikes UR team. A team with a solid history at the top of the sport! Excited to join a great group of people. Lots to learn coming into my first year elite, I am fired up to get up to pace on the new bike and get to the races!”


Fabien Cousinie, NS Bikes UR Team Owner 

 “Tegan is one of the most talented riders of his generation and we are excited to help Tegan reach his full potential. Last year luck was not always on his side with injury so I believe he has a lot more speed to show. Also It’s been only a couples of weeks we have worked together but it’s really nice to see such a appreciative and positive kid “


Photos: @robperry__