Jul 18 2023

Decade Dominance – a Recap of the Red Bull Roof Ride

Red Bull Roof Ride, a captivating event that took place in Katowice, Poland was held for the second time in history. From June 30th to July 1st, we were at the heart of this adrenaline-fueled competition, bringing together top riders, including our very own Dawid Godziek and his brother Szymon. 
The Red Bull Roof Ride showcased an exceptional level of skill and creativity as we witnessed riders pushing their limits to claim victory. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the best MTB slopestyle athletes battled it out on the course. It was a true display of talent and determination.


In a remarkable display of skill, our rider Dawid Godziek emerged as the champion of the Red Bull Roof Ride. With an astonishing score of 94,25 points in his flawless first run, he secured a second consecutive win in the Red Bull Roof Ride event.
"I'm incredibly happy that I managed to make such a cool run in front of my own audience Organizing and participating in such a competition in Katowice is a really amazing experience for me" – said Dawid.
Dawid's brother, Szymon, also NS Bikes rider, secured an impressive fourth-place finish with only 0,94 points shy of the podium.



"The Red Bull Roof Ride was a huge success again this year. In front of twelve thousand spectators, we fought for a place on the podium in three final runs. In my case, everything was going according to plan - after the first safe run, I launched riskier tricks on my second run, which ended up in 4th place. I wanted to improve it in the 3rd run, but unfortunately this one quickly ended with a crash while trying cork 720 on the second obstacle. Nevertheless, I am happy with the 4th place and the tricks I presented. Getting back to slopestyle at this level has been my goal for a long time - running tricks like double backflip combos or FMX superman doublegrabs. Can't wait for Whistler!" - Szymon Godziek described his experience. 


Our flagship DJ frame - the Decade - dominated the event's podium. It took Jake Atkinson to the second spot in the competition. Big up, bro!

One standout moment of the event was when Dawid Godziek successfully landed the world's first-ever flat drop cash roll trick. This groundbreaking maneuver left spectators astonished, as it defied expectations and showcased our rider's exceptional abilities. This groundbreaking move will undoubtedly be remembered as a milestone in MTB slopestyle history.


The Red Bull Roof Ride drew a significant crowd, with thousands of spectators flocking to the iconic Spodek arena in Katowice. The energy was palpable as fans of all ages gathered to witness the exciting competition. The support and enthusiasm from the crowd created a vibrant atmosphere that added to the overall excitement of the event, that’s growing into one of the sickest slopestyle venues on the planet.
We can’t wait to see what Dawid and Szymon have got cooking for the upcoming finale of this year’s Crankworx series in Whistler (21-30th July 2023).