You will find the warranty conditions with every NS product that you purchase. Please make yourself familiar with this. To make life easier, here we will present the basic info in an easy to understand FAQ form.


Warranty in our business is a difficult issue - the reason being that anything can be broken, even if it's a perfectly good product. On the other hand, we really want to make sure that you are treated fairly, therefore a lot of cases will be judged individually.



NS Bikes Warranty (general information) NS Aerial pedals instruction
NS Bikes Manual (bikes) NS Direct Mount stem instruction
NS Bikes Manual (frames) NS District handlebar instruction
  NS Enigma / Fundamental rims instruction
NS Bikes Snabb 2015 Manual NS Evidence Light / Plus and Terra handlebars instruction
  NS Magneto stem instruction
NS Bikes Fuzz 2015 Manual NS Monogram handlebars instruction
NS Bikes Fuzz 2014 Manual NS Proof / Mint / Lick handlebars instruction
  NS Quantum stem instruction
NS Bikes Soda 2015 Manual NS Radiance pedals instruction

NS Bikes Soda 2014 Manual

NS Rotary 10 hub instruction
NS Bikes Soda (pre-2014) Manual NS Rotary 20 hub instruction
  NS Rotary 20 Disc hub instruction
NS Bikes Complete wheels instruction   NS Rotary Cassette hub instruction
  NS Rotary SS hub instruction
  NS Rotary SS Pro hub instruction




All NS products (except full suspension frames and steel all mountain / enduro frames) have a one year warranty. All full suspension frames and steel all mountain / enduro frames have a three year warranty. Some may say that this is not a long time, but we think that it's better to give you a clear and solid one year/three year deal than a vague lifetime warranty that has dozens of factors that will void the warranty. We have seen warranties on dirt jumping products that say that the warranty will be void if "the bicycle is used for acrobatic stunts"!