• OCT 29 2015
    Bike check: NS Snabb E custom bike
    This custom NS Bikes Snabb E equipped with DVO Suspension Diamond from our distributor in Israel - Ran Zilka Sport & Cycling is simply off the hook.   Specs: Frame: NS Bikes Snabb EFork: DVO Diamond 160 mmShock: Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3Wheels: NS Bikes Enig...
  • OCT 21 2015
    Bike check: NS Decade Lemon
    Our guys are building great custom bikes non stop. Sometimes they go really nuts with the setups and colors. This time they took some of the 2016 NS Bikes and Octane One components and somehow managed to get one of the last Marzocchi 55 Slope forks on the market. Check this Lemon / Orange NS Decade ...
  • OCT 02 2015
    Bike check: NS Decade - Brad Mills
    Today we have a cool bike check from Brad Mills from Canada."I’m a dirt jump and downhill rider from Vernon, BC but recently moved to Kelowna. I like getting out for a ride with the boys anytime I can and just enjoy rolling around on two wheels! I always try to stay as smooth and flowy as poss...
  • OCT 30 2015
    Bike check: NS Suburban - Varga Zoltan
    Check out this sick NS Suburban from Varga Zoltán Suburban from Hungary:   Frame - NS Bikes Suburban DirtFork - RS Argyle 318Headset - Octane OneStem - NS Bikes Quark ProHandlebar - NS Bikes ProofRims - NS Bikes FundamentalCrank - Octane One 2PCS ProHubs - NS Bikes RotaryTires - DTH &...
  • OCT 28 2015
    Bike check: NS Majesty - Kent Woods
    Kent Woods - Our NS Bikes / LamaCycles Distribution team rider has recently build a brand new bike. Our fellow Canadian chose the all black 2015 NS Majesty Park frame paired with Fox 36 Float fork. The bikes has been equipped with the top of the line NS Bikes and Octane One parts.   Frame: NS...
  • OCT 04 2015
    Bike check: NS Majesty - Jakub Adamski
    Jakub Adamski joined our NS Bikes / Octane One team earlier this year. He is one of the young and promissing riders from Poland. His progress is great and the number of tricks he shows on every competition is constantly growing.     Recently Jakub built up his new bike based on our NS...
  • JUL 23 2015
    Bike check: NS Capital 24 - Pawel Stachak
    With all the full suspension big bikes we have been posting recently it is time to go back to our roots. Today we would like to show you the bike of our team rider - Paweł Stachak.   It is a pure street / park machine build on a red NS Bikes Capital frame and rolling on 24" wh...
  • JUL 08 2015
    Bike check: NS Decade - Kuba Grudzinski
    Two weeks ago Kuba Grudzinski and Jakub Adamski visited our office to renew their contracts and pick up some goods. Now it is time to show you the first bike that Kuba chose to ride on this season. The photos were taken by Piotr Kaczmarczyk at Kazoora BikePark in Warsaw. Kuba decided to build his n...
  • JUL 03 2015
    Bike check: NS Decade - Garrett Robertson
    Here it is! In shiny gold finish the brand new bike built by Garrett Robertson. Our Canadian team rider decided to stick with the NS Decade frame and build his bike on Octane One components.   Here are the full specs:   Frame: NS Bikes DecadeFork: SR Suntour Du...
  • JUN 24 2015
    Bike check: NS Fuzz - Glenn King
    Glenn is one of of our OG LamaCycles/NS Bikes Freestyle Team riders from beautiful British Columbia. Having so many riding possibilities in and around Prince George, he decided to go all out and build up a brand NS Fuzz for 2015. The result is... well we let you be the judge by scrolling d...
  • JUN 23 2015
    Bike check: NS Snabb Limited - Michal Kollbek
    Today we would like to present to you a limited version on our limited edition Snabb which our team rider Michał Kollbek uses to shred the amazing trails in California. Michał equipped the Snabb LTD bike with the DVO Diamond fork and Jade shock and added the NS Rotary hubs in matching colors. Here...
  • MAY 28 2015
    Bike check: NS Soda Air 2015 - Junior
    Our friend Junior has been riding our Soda bikes since their early days. For this season he decided to switch to be brand new 2015 NS Bikes Soda Evo Air bike with some top of the line parts from Octane One (EVO chainguide, EVO chainring, ROCKET seat) and Hope.   Foto: Bikelife ...
  • MAR 30 2015
    Bike check: NS Soda Slope 2015 - Sam Pilgrim
    Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) gives us a run down on his new NS Bikes Soda Slope bike that he used during the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle in this cool bike check video taken by The Perfect Line.     For more info and specs of the stock bike visit:&n...
  • MAR 11 2015
    Bike check: NS Fuzz 650B - Will Weston
    The first events of the upcoming 2015 season are right behind the corner. All our riders are training hard on their new bikes to be at their best. One of them is our NS Bikes / Hotlines team rider from UK - Will Weston.   Today we bring you in depth look at the bike that Will be racing on in ...
  • FEB 17 2015
    Bike check: NS Decade - Maciej Mizera
    Our team riders are usually the ones to get our brand new gear first. The same story was with Maciek Mizera who after receiving his 2015 parts from NS Bikes and Octane One built this amazing whip.   The heart of the bike lays in the golden 2015 NS Decade frame equipped with Marzocchi 55 Slope...
  • OCT 24 2014
    Bike check: NS Decade - Marcin Drob
    Today we have a bike check of one of our team riders - Marcin Drob.Frame: NS Bikes DecadeFork: Marzocchi 4xStem: NS Bikes QuantumHandlebar: NS Bikes ProofGrips: NS Bikes Sam Pilgrim signatureBrakes: Avid Elixir CR CarbonBottom Bracket: Octane OneCrank: Octane One 2PCSChainring: Eclat 26TChain: Octan...
  • OCT 22 2014
    NS Snabb T custom build
    The cool thing about working in the bike industry is that you get to ride some nice bikes before they even get to the production line. Here is our boss' Snabb T custom build.   Raw frame - weighs less! Note the hand polished rocker. Compared to a production frame this one has slightly shorter...
  • JUL 08 2014
    2014 Bike check: Austin Davignon
    100% freestyler Austin Davignon checks in with his 2014 NS Bikes Majesty! Being pretty busy building this year's Red Bull Joyride course, we got some great pictures from Andy Vathis at the Mud Rocker contest in Montreal two weeks ago. We are really glad that the guys from LamaCycles Distribut...
  • JUL 01 2014
    Bike check: Soda Slope - Nuno Pintas
    We are always happy when Nuno Pintas is sending us his new bike checks. This time our High Ride / NS Bikes team mate from Portugal built one hell of a ride on our NS Soda Slope frame.     Frame: NS Bikes Soda Slope Dirty Lime 2014Fork: Fox Racing Shox 831 34 2014Stem: N...
  • JUN 26 2014
    2014 Bike check: Glenn King's Soda
    Our NS Bikes / LamaCycles Distribution team rider - Glenn King delivered some neat pics and spec list of his bigger NS Bikes, the Soda FR.        2014 BIKE CHECK     Frame: 2013 NS Soda AirFork: X-Fusion Vengeance HLRBars:&nb...
  • JUN 03 2014
    Pro bike check - Nuno Pintas - NS Majesty
    It is time for another Pro bike check. This time we present to you one of the fresh 2014 bikes owned by our NS Bikes / Octane One / High Ride rider from Portugal - Nuno Pintas.   For this season Nuno decided to go with an Acid Black Majesty Dirt.   Frame: NS Bikes Majesty Dirt 201...
  • MAY 16 2014
    NS Fuzz - Lama Cycles / NS Bikes team bikes
    Let's take a closer look at the bikes on our Lama Cycles / NS Bikes team from Canada. In 2014 season Lucas Rey-Sierro, Philippe Ricard and Samuel Thibault will be racing on NS Fuzz bikes in the Quebec Cup events, Canada Cup events as well as selected World Cups.     ...
  • MAY 15 2014
    NS Suburban - Jesse Drury
    It looks like our Lamacycles / NS Bikes riders from Canada love the 2014 teal frames. Here is the bike of new Grassroot rider - Jesse Drury from Fredericton, New Brunswick built on the Suburban Park frame.    Frame: 2014 Ns Suburban ParkFork: Rockshox Argyle RCT ...
  • MAY 14 2014
    NS Capital - Jeremy Menduni
    Today we take a closer look at one of our LamaCycles Distribution / NS Bikes team rider bikes. Here is the Capital owned by Jeremy Menduni.   Frame: NS Capital 26”Fork: Pride StreetBars: NS District Stem: SuperstarGrips: ODI LongneckHeadset: MacneilSeat: Pride S...
  • MAY 09 2014
    Meet Kriss and his Fuzz
    Krzysztof "Kriss" Kaczmarczyk is a 13 years old skilled rider from Poland. After joining the Frower Power team he will be racing alongside our NS Bikes team mate Sławek Łukasik.   This season Kriss decided to step it up a notch by building his first full sized DH bike build o...
  • APR 01 2014
    NS Soda FR - Maxime
    The last bike in today's bike check competition that we selected is NS Bikes Soda FR sent in by Maxime.Frame: NS Bikes Soda FR 2013Fork/Shock: Fox 36 Talas Rc2 180mm Kashima/Fox DHX Rc4 KashimaHeadset: FSABars: Truvativ BoobarStem: NS Bikes Quark proCranks: Shimano XTSprocket: Sram Pc980Ch...
  • APR 01 2014
    NS Soda Slope - Kai
    Can you build a proper slopestyle full suspension bike under 11kg? The answer is yes. Here is Kai's NS Bikes Soda Slope.Frame: 2013 NS Soda SlopeFork/shock: 2014 Fox 32 Float 120mm/RockShox Monarch RHeadset: FSA Zero StackBars: Deity CZ38 SpecialGrips: Odi TLD Lock-On GripsStem: Stealth Bo...
  • APR 01 2014
    NS Suburban - Janne
    It is time for another bike check competition. The 3 bikes that we have selected will be waiting for your likes within the next 24 hours. First in line is the redNS Bikes Suburban equipped with some nice Octane One components sent by Janne from Finland.Frame: NS Bikes Suburban Dirt 20...
  • MAR 27 2014
    NS Capital - Ben Desjardins
    The 2014 season is slowly starting and our team riders worldwide are building up their new bikes. Here is the Capital of our new LamaCycles Distribution / NS Bikes team rider - Ben Desjardins.   Frame: NS CapitalFork: RockShox Argyle RCT/NS RNSBars: NS District 29” S...
  • MAR 25 2014
    NS Capital - Marcel
    The 3rd and last bike today is NS Bikes Capital from Marcel. You know the drill. The bike that gets most likes within the next 24 hours wins.Frame: NS Bikes, Capital 24" 2012Fork/shock: NS Bikes, RNS 2010Headset: Odyssey x RMDBars: ILL BIKE, Flu HighGrips: Cult, WaffleStem: Stolen, ClutchC...
  • MAR 25 2014
    NS Majesty - Kevin
    Next up is this clean NS Bikes Majesty Park owned by Kevin.Frame: NS Bikes Majesty ParkFork/shock: Fox Racing Shox 36 FloatHeadset: 1664 Bars: NS Bikes DistrictGrips: Cult Vans Stem: Octane One Chemical ProCranks: Odyssey Twombolt Sprocket: Proper Bike CoChain: KMC 710Pedals...
  • MAR 25 2014
    NS Soda FR - Piotr
    First bike in today's competition is this really cool NS Bikes Soda FR sent by Piotr from Poland.Frame: NS Soda FR LFork: Fox 36 Float RShock: Marzocchi Roco TST RHeadset: stock FSA headsetBars: Sunline V2Grips: NS Sam Pilgrim clearStem: NS Quantum 31.8 jungleCranks: Truvativ Stylo 1.1 GXP...
  • MAR 20 2014
    NS Capital - Thomas
    This 8.9kg Capital from Thomas from Germany has been selected as the last bike in today's bike check competition. All the 3 bikes we just posted are waiting for your likes. The one that gets most within the next 24 hours wins! NS Capital 2012 chromeNS Fundamental Self paintedEclát integrated...
  • MAR 20 2014
    NS Bitch - Jakub
    Few years back if you wanted to go bonkers on any DH course, any stair gap or massive drop our steel NS Bitch was the proper frame to do it. The bike owned by Jakub that we selected as a 2nd in today's bike check competition is a real proof of that.   Frame: NS BitchFork/Shock: Rock Shox Tote...
  • MAR 20 2014
    NS Majesty Park - Werewolf
    How many NS Bikes you own? Our first contestant in today's bike check battle is a proud owner of 3! Soda FR 1 2013, Majesty Dirt 2012 and Majesty Park 2013 bikes. Here is the bike check of the last one.   Frame: NS Majesty Dirt 2012Fork: RockShox Argyle RCT Solo Air [2013]Headset: Octane One ...
  • MAR 17 2014
    NS Majesty - Hirosh
    The last bike to fight for your likes within the next 24 hours is NS Bikes Majesty owned by Hirosh from Germany.Frame: NS Majesty 2010 Fork/shock: Fox 831, 2012Headset: LeafcyclesBars: Raceface atlas 30mm riseGrips: Odi longneckStem: x4 elite Thomson, 50mmCranks: Profile noboss, Profi...
  • MAR 17 2014
    NS Majesty - Kamil
    Next one up in the today's competition is a real head turner. This NS Bikes Majesty Dirt bike was send to us by Kamil from Poland.Frame: NS Bikes Majesty DirtFork/shock: Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 1Headset: Dartmoor PrimeBars: Dartmoor Boogie Hi 3"Grips: NS Bikes Sam Pilgrim LegendStem: Shaman ...
  • MAR 17 2014
    NS Capital - Ben
    We start the next edition of bike check competition earier this week. First one up is the bike that some of you may know from the previous competitions. Ben from Canada made some changes since that time. Here is his NS Bikes Capital in front of "slightly" bigger off-road toy.Frame: 2012 NS...
  • MAR 14 2014
    NS Capital - Adam
    We stay in the street spirit today. Here is the brand new 2014 NS Bikes Capital from Adam from Poland. All the 3 bikes we just posted are waiting for your likes. The one that gets most within the next 24 hours wins!Frame: Capital 26' 2014Fork/shock: RNS 2014 ProtoHeadset: Octane OneBars: D...
  • MAR 14 2014
    NS Majesty - Mikhail
    The next bike is from Mikhail from Russia who shreds this bike on the streets and in the local parks. We really dig this super clean and fresh brakeless look. Frame: NS Majesty Park 2013Fork/shock: Fox Float RHeadset: FSA ImpactBars: Blackmarket Badaboom 3"Grips: ODIStem: Blackmarket UnderbossC...
  • MAR 14 2014
    NS Suburban - Rhys
    Are you ready for the next bike check competition? The first pick for today is this sick bike from Rhys from Canada built on NS Bikes Suburban.Frame: NS Suburban 2013Fork/shock: Manitou Circus ExpertHeadset: BSDBars: NS DistrictGrips: SnafuStem: NS Quark ProCranks: Profile Race w/ titanium...
  • MAR 13 2014
    NS Soda Slope - Aleksander
    Winter is almost over but we really liked this cool NS Bikes Soda Slope sent by Aleksander from Poland. Frame: NS Bikes Soda Slope 2013Fork/shock: Fox Float 32r + Manitou Metel RHeadset: FSA Gravity SX ProBars: NS Bikes Proof 2011Grips: ODIStem: NS Bikes Quark Pro 2011Cranks: Primo Ex...
  • MAR 13 2014
    NS Suburban - Scott
    Second bike in today's contest is one of the NS Bikes owned by Scott from UK.Frame: NS Suburban Park Fork: Marzocchi DJ1Headset: Octane One Bars: NS ProofGrips: Odi longneck Brake: Hope Tech V2 Stem: NS QuarkCranks: Wethepeople RoyalSprocket: Profile Imperial 23tChain: ...
  • MAR 13 2014
    NS Surge - Magdalena
    Since there was International Women's Day on Saturday we kick off today's bike check contest with this cool NS Bikes Surge owned by Magdalena. The rules are the same as previously. The bike which gathers most likes within the next 24 hours wins.Frame: NS Bikes Surge L blackFork/shock: Marz...
  • MAR 07 2014
    NS Soda - Adrian
    You asked for the big bikes so here is one. For the final bike to compete for your likes today is NS Bikes Soda FR owned by Adrian Renke from Poland.    After the contest we got in touch with Adrian to speak about his bike. Apparently his freeride rig is not the only Soda in th...
  • MAR 07 2014
    NS Suburban - Kaimo
    Any NS Suburban owners out there? Do you like the one sent by Kaimo Paas? His bike is the 2nd one to compete in today's bike check competition.Frame: NS Suburban 24" 2008Fork/shock: Rock Shox Argyle RC 100mmHeadset: FSA The PigBars: NS District High 2008Grips: Cult Vans&WaffleStem: NS Quark Pro ...
  • MAR 07 2014
    NS Decade - Geronimo
    Are you ready for another round of bike check competition? We are waiting for your likes for the next 24 hours to find out which bike you like to most and reward the owner with our NS prize pack.First bike that we chose is NS Bikes Decade owned by Geronimo Alguno from Philippines.Frame: NS...
  • MAR 03 2014
    NS Capital - Dominik
    For the final entry in NS bike check giveaway on March 3rd we have selected NS Capital owned by Dominik from Poland. This 2011 frame and some legit parts make this bike a real deal when it comes to hitting the streets and parks. Plus we really liked the way the photo was taken with the lon...
  • MAR 03 2014
    NS Soda Slope - Daniel
    For the 2nd entry in NS bike check giveaway on March 3rd we have selected this cool NS Soda Slope owned by Daniel from Spain. Here are the specs.   Frame: NS Bikes Soda Slope black-limeFork/shock: Rock Shox Sektor RL solo air 150mm / Rock Shox Monarch RLHeadset: FSA orbitBars: NS Bikes terra ...
  • MAR 03 2014
    NS Majesty - Julian
    Here is the first entry for our NS Giveaway. Julian Dzialoszynski from Canada sent us his NS Majesty Park bike check which was selected as one of the 3 finalists on March 3rd. Here are the complete specs.   Frame: 2013 NS Majesty Park Fork/shock: 2013 Fox 36 Float RC2 @100mm Headset: Octane O...
  • FEB 24 2014
    Sam Pilgrim - 2014 Gold Bike Check
    Here it is - Sam Pilgrim and his 2014 Gold Bike Check. See what parts he will be running along with the Gold NS Bikes Majesty Park frame.If you have any questions for Sam regarding his bike make sure you drop a comment on Official Sam Pilgrim Page....
  • OCT 30 2013
    Custom NS Soda Slope
    Piotrek from Poland has recently built up a custom 2014 Soda Slope bike which features a rear derailleur and some trail components. With few tweaks he managed to make a really cool mix of slope and trailbike which allows him to move between his favorite spots with ease.   Thanks to short trav...
  • OCT 22 2013
    Putin's NS Decade 2014
    Our NS Bikes team rider from Poland - Włodzimierz ''Putin'' Zujewycz - has recently built up his new bike on 2014 NS Decade frame and some new parts. Here is the setup he will be rocking in the next few months.   Frame: NS Bikes Decade 2014Fork: Rock Shox RCT 2012Brake: Hope Tech E...
  • OCT 22 2013
    Bónert Balázs - NS Bikes Majesty 2013
    This bike owned by Bónert Balázs from Hungary is a really cool example of mixing the parts from different seasons. The 2012 blue Majesty Dirt frame equipped with a mix of 2013 Soda Blue components is looking really sharp!   Frame: NS Majesty Dirt '12Fork: Rock Shox Reba Tea...
  • OCT 10 2013
    Glenn King: NS Majesty Dirt
    Glenn King's second important tool to do the job besides the recently presented NS Soda FR is his hardtail bike built on Majesty frame. B.C. native Lama Cycles / NS Bikes team rider from Prince George has equipped his dirt frame with Rock Shox Argyle 318 fork and a selection of components from Mavic...
  • OCT 10 2013
    Glenn King: NS Soda FR
    Prince George, B.C. native Glenn King has been on board the Lama Cycles / NS Bikes Crew for some time now. Here is his NS Soda FR bikecheck!   Frame: 2013 NS Soda FRBars: Chromag fubar osxBrakes: Elixir 5Fork: X-Fusion Vengeance HLRShock: Rockshox Monarch Tires: Kenda NevegalWheels: NS r...
  • JUL 25 2013
    Parappa 2013 NS Bikes Capital
    Our NS Bikes / Lama Cycles team rider from Canada - Parappa has a new ride for 2013. It is based on a fresh Capital 26 frame, RS Argyle fork and some NS Bikes and BMX components.   Frame: NS Bikes Capital26Fork: Rock Shox Argyle RCTStem: Mutant BikesBar: NS DistrictGrips: Primo MartinezCranks...
  • JUL 16 2013
    Szymon Adamczyk and his NS Clash JR
    One of the first riders who have decided to use our Clash JR is a very talented Szymon Adamczyk from Poland. Despite his young age he has been already competing and winning such events like Polish National BMX Racing Cup. Recently he finished 8th in Polish 4X Open in Junior category racing...
  • JUN 24 2013
    Elliot Andal - 2013 NS Majesty Park
    After posting his welcome to the team video earlier this month it is time to present the Elliot Andal's bike check and some action photos.   Frame: 2013 NS Majesty ParkFork: Argyle 409 Bars: NS District Grips: Fit EC Stem: FBM Seat: Animal Edwin Cranks: Profile C...
  • JUN 24 2013
    Evan Roth - Spring edit and bike check
    All the way from the most western part of Ontario, Sarnia local, Evan Roth checks in with big wheels this year, graduating from his 24inches class and coming on to big leagues on a brand new NS bike! His good friend Angelo Cocozzoli captured the best of Evan indoors at the new All In Bike Park in Zu...
  • JUN 24 2013
    Bikechceck: Peter Stubbs' 2013 NS Soda Slope
    Courtenay local, Lama Buddy Peter Stubbs checks in with his brand new 2013 NS Soda Slope. Peter's got a dope backyard setup to test his new ride and here's some cool pictures to go with it!   Frame: 2013 NS Soda SlopeShock: Rock Shox Monarch R Fork: Rock Shox Argyle 409Wheels: NS Trailma...
  • JUN 24 2013
    Video+Bike Check: Buddy Matt Bolton
    Here's a great combo to get your week started! Lama Buddy and Joyride local Matt Bolton checks in with a brand new Joyride video as well as his 2013 NS Bikes bike check. This guy is a mad man when it comes to transfers, style & flow! He also got featured in a recent Joyride 150 article that you ...
  • MAY 18 2013
    Garrett Robertson - Decade bike check on PlusSizeBMX
    Check out a PlusSizeBMX Exclusive Bike Check with Garrett Robertson and his NS Bikes Decade plus a little bit o'action...Watch it below or head over here for more....
  • MAY 17 2013
    Sam Pilgrim - Majesty 2013 bike check
    Sam Pilgrim brings you a detailed view of his 2013 bike built on NS Bikes Majesty park frame, NS Proof bars, NS Aerial Pro pedals, Sam's signature grips, Octane One cranks and stem and a lot of other great components. This gangster bike has already won some major competitons this...
  • APR 19 2013
    Ludwig Jaeger - Majesty Park 2013
    After publishing Patrick Leitner's bikecheck yesterday it is time to present you the bike used by our second NS Bikes / team rider - Ludwig Jaeger.   SR Suntour Duro RC NS Bikes Majesty Park frame NS Bikes Proof handlebar NS Bikes Trailmaster rims NS Bikes Ledgend grips NS Bikes ...
  • APR 18 2013
    Patrick Leitner - Majesty
    It's bikecheck season. Today a bike from our NS Bikes / team rider from Austria - Patrick Leitner. Although built not that long ago this Majesty has been all over the place starring in TV commercials and flying high over the courses at Vienna Air King and Swatch Rocket Air Slopestyle wh...
  • APR 15 2013
    Garrett Robertson - Decade
    Today we present a fresh bike built on Decade frame owned by our NS Bikes / Lama Cycles team rider from Canada - Garrett Robertson.   Frame: 2013 NS DecadeFork: Manitou Circus ExpertHeadset: Cane CreekStem: Deity FantomBar: Deity CZ38Brake: Hygia AspireGrips: Spank Lock-onHubs: NS R...
  • APR 11 2013
    Chrome NS Capital 24 by
    Here is another nice bikecheck dropped by Baby Dirt Bikes from Thailand. Built on Capital 24" frame in chrome finish and Fox 831 fork and a mix of BMX and MTB components.   Frame: NS Bikes Capital 24" chromeFork: Fox 831Handlebar: NS Bikes Proof hell orangeStem: NS Bikes Quark Pro violetHeads...
  • APR 11 2013
    NS Capital 24 by
    This is a great example of a 24" wheel streetbike built on NS Bikes Capital frame and the mix of our blue-green / jungle components. The guys at Baby Dirt Bikes from Thailand created a real headturner.   Frame: NS Bikes Capital 24" blue-greenFork: NS Bikes RNS blue-greenHandlebar: NS Bikes Di...
  • APR 09 2013
    Mike Dimartino's 2013 Capital 26
    Lama Buddy Mike Dimartino just sent us some fresh pics of his 2013 NS Bikes Capital 26 courtesy of his good friend Blake Johnston. Totally custom ride that you guys are gonna love!   Frame: NS Capital 26'Fork: 2013 Rockshox Argyle Bars: NS District Headset: Octane one Stem: Ody...
  • MAR 29 2013
    Bartek Obukowicz - Majesty 2013
    Straight from the Sony VAIO Extreme Series Winter Edition 2013 we present the 2013 hardtail bike of one of our top team riders - Bartek Obukowicz.   This year Pope decided to build his bike on hell orange Majesty Dirt frame and light Rock Shox Argyle RCT fork. The whole bike equipped wit...
  • MAR 25 2013
    Morgan Dupontreue - Soda FR 2013
    Our NS Bikes / Dom Bikes team rider from France - Morgan Dupontreue- has just built up his 2013 freeride bike on our brand new NS Soda.   Frame: NS Bikes Soda FRShock : Rock Shox Monarch plusFork : Rock Shox Lyrik Wheelset : NS Bikes Rotary hubs + NS Bikes Trailmaster rims Cran...
  • MAR 22 2013
    Pierre-Luc Arseneau - 2013 NS Capital 26
    Today's bike feature comes straight from the snowy Canada. Our newest NS Bikes / Lama Cycles team rider - Pierre-Luc Arseneau who you may know from various videos from The Rise crew has just built up his new bike on our NS Bikes Capital 26" frame in blue-green color. We must say to bike with ma...
  • MAR 01 2013
    Marcel Haczek - 2013 NS Soda freeride bike
    This is the bikecheck we all have been waiting for. Marcel from our NS Bikes / Bottle of Lifestyle crew has recently received our 2013 Soda frame in new black finish along with a mix of hell orange components. Custom decals matching the bright components and the new 2013 Marzocchi 55CR fork loo...
  • FEB 22 2013
    NS Capital - Samuel Croteau
    Another perfect street bike from our Canadian NS Bikes / Lama Cycles crew member - Samuel Croteau. The bike was built on NS Capital frame dedicated for 26" wheels and rigid RNS fork. Frame: NS Capital 26 Fork: NS RNS Bars: NS District Grips: NS Soderstrom Stem: Superstar Brake: ...
  • FEB 21 2013
    NS Suburban - Louis Lhomel
    Today we have a nice bike build on our NS Suburban frame that is owned by out NS Bikes / LamaCycles team rider - Louis Lhomel. This is a pure street bike fitted with our RNS rigid fork and no brakes.   Frame: NS Suburban DirtFork: NS RNSBars: NS DistrictGrips: NS SoderstromStem:&nbs...
  • FEB 20 2013
    Stephane Belanger - NS Majesty
    Today we present one of the bikes of our NS Bikes / LamaCycles team member and manager - Stephane Belanger. It is one of the cleanest builds we have lately seen. Build on on NS Majesty frame, NS Bikes components and Rock Shox Argyle RC fork. Here is the full spec and photos.   Frame: NS Majes...
  • JAN 31 2013
    Eliot Duron's Majesty Dirt
    Today we present a bike of Eliot Duron. He is our NS Bikes /  Dom Bikes team rider from Valenciennes, France. His weapon of choice is 2012 NS Majesty dirt frame equipped with Fox 36 float fork and the selection of NS Bikes / Octane One components.   NS Bikes Majesty Bike:F...
  • JAN 10 2013
    Bartek Obukowicz Decade
    Our team riders are one of the one of the first ones to get our brand new stuff. Bartek Obukowicz has recently received a new 2013 Decade frame and he loved it from the first ride. Here is his new bikecheck.   Frame: NS Bikes Decade 2013 jungleFork: Rock Shox Argyle RCT Solo Air&nbs...
  • JAN 02 2013
    Tom Parkers NS Bikes Soda Slope
    Tom Parker from UK dropped us his NS Bikes Soda Slope bike check which recently won a bike of the day on Vital MTB.   Parts Brand Model Frame NS Bikes Soda Slope Rear Shock Fox Racing Shox Float RP23 Fork X-Fusion Vengeance HLR Headset Hope Handlebar Other ...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Ludwig Jaeger Majesty Park
    Time to present the brand new ride of our NS Bikes / team rider from Germany - Ludwig Jaeger.   His bike is build on the blue Majesty Park frame and a mix of NS Bikes and Octane One components.   SR Suntour Duro RC NS Bikes Majesty Park frame NS Bikes Proof handlebar NS...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Jan Netro Netrval Majesty Dirt
    It is time to present the bike owned by our NS Bikes / Katmar team rider from Czech Republic - Jan Netro Netrval.   After joining our team earlier this year Netro has been shredding this sweet bike build on our NS Majesty Dirt frame and mix of NS Bikes and Octane One components.   Fram...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Garrett Robertson NS Soda
    Today we present an awesome bike build on our new NS Soda frame owned by our Canadian NS Bikes / Lama Cycles team rider - Garrett Robertson.   Specs: Frame: 2012 NS Soda 1 Fork: RockShox Lyric Solo Air Rear Shock: RockShox Monarch Plus Bars: Deity dirty 30 Stem: Deity Fantom Headset: Hy...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Jordan Cook Suburban
    Jordan is our latest addition to the West Coast Homies crew and here's his 2012 NS Suburban setup. Jordan won this year's John Henry Jump Jam and he's now working on his welcoming video.   Frame: NS Suburban Park Fork: Rock Shox Pargyle Brake: Avid xx Bars: NS Mint Rear wheel: Mavic 721 o...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Bartek Obukowicz NS Soda Slope
    Our Polish NS Bikes team rider - Bartek Obukowicz has recently built up his new Soda Slope. It was just in time for the NS Bikes Slopestyle event in Kluszkowce, Poland. Bartek finished 2nd and let's hope that it was one of the many podiums that Bartek will grab on our new full suspension frame. &nb...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Aeron Learmonth NS Soda Slope
    Today we present an awesome bike build on our new NS Soda Slope frame owned by our Canadian NS Bikes / Lama Cycles team rider - Aeron Learmonth.   Here is a couple of words from Aeron and his full bikecheck: My Soda is by far the best bike I have ever been on, the feel of the bike is almost ...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Sam Pilgrim NS Bikes Majesty
    Sam Pilgrim signed a full sponsorship contract with NS Bikes in the beginning of 2011. Since that day he has been riding on various NS Majesty frames over the last year taking them to the podium on most of the FMB World Tour and several other events.   This might be a surprise for some of you...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Chris Benny's Majesty
    Beautiful all-red 2012 NS Bikes Majesty build from Australia build at Rhythm Imports for Chris Benny.   Frame: NS Majesty Park Fork: Fox 831 32 FIT Kashima Bars: NS Proof Stem: Quark Pro Headset: FSA Impact Grips: NS Slim Grips Brake: Avid Elixir 3 Rims: NS Trailmaster Hubs: NS Rotary...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Mike Dimartino's Majesty
    Here is the 2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt bikecheck of LamaCycles' Homie Mike Dimartino.   Frame: NS Majesty Dirt Fork: Rock Shox Argyle Stem: NS Quark Handlebar: NS District Crank: Fit Bike Co. Sprocket: Éclat 25t Chain: Odyssey Pedals: Fly Plastic Hubs: NS Rotary Pro Rims: NS T...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Alexandre ''Parappa'' Paradis' Capital 26
    Here is the 2012 NS Bikes Capital 26 bikecheck of LamaCycles' Homie Alexandre 'Parappa' Paradis.   Frame: 2012 NS Capital26 Fork: Fox 36 Float RLC Fit Stem: Mutant Bikes Handlebar: Mutant Bikes Tall Grips: Animal Edwin Crank: Profile Racing Sprocket: Superstar Chain: Half link Pedals:...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Jonathan Dunas Majesty
    Our riders from France seem to like our 2012 Majesty in blue color. Here is bikecheck of our NS Bikes / rider - Jonathan Dunas.   Frame: NS Bikes Majesty Dirt 2012 Fork: Rock Shox Argyle RCT 2011 Headset: First Stem: NS Bikes Quark 31.8 mm Handlebar: NS Bikes Terra 31.8 mm ...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Evan Roth's Suburban
    Sweet bikecheck from our Lama Cycles / NS Bikes team rider - Evan Roth from Canada. Bike is build on a silver-blue Suburban Park frame.   Frame: NS Suburban Park Fork: Fox 36 Float RLC Fit Stem: Proper Magnetite Handlebar: NS District Grips: Animal Edwin Crank: Odyssey Twombolt Sprocket...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Morgan Dupontreue's Majesty
    Here is a new 2012 bike of our Dom-Bikes / NS Bikes team rider from France - Morgan Dupontreue. With NS Bikes / Octane One combo parts the weight of the whole bike is about 10.7kg.   Frame: NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Blue Fork: Rock Shox Argyle RCT 2012 Headset: Octane One Warp 1 integrated Ste...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Marcel's Soda Proto
    Marcel was one of the first team riders who received the prototype Soda frame for testing. Here is his bikecheck.   Frame: NS Soda FR (prototype) Shock: Marzocchi Rocco R - 216 mm Fork: Fox 36 Float RC2 - 160mm Handlebar: NS Evidence 760mm Stem: NS Quark Grips: NS Legend Headset: Cane C...
  • DEC 17 2012
    Jason Cote NS Capital 26 - Canada
    Jason Cote - new rider from Lama Cycles, Canada will be riding the 2011 NS Capital26 for this season and here's his brand new bike.   NS Capital 26 2011 Rock Shox Argyle RCT NS Proof 2011 bars NS Quark Pro stem Profile Racing cranks  NS Rotary 20mm Colony rear hub  Sun MTX-29...
  • DEC 06 2012
    Jaws and his NS Metropolis 1
    Jaws Szczęki is mainly a freerider by choice. Some time ago he also got our 2012 NS Bikes Metropolis 1 stock bike so that he could ride some dirts and learn new tricks. Here is the bikecheck with photos from and video from sheiffa photography.   The NS Metropolis 1 is my s...
  • DEC 06 2012
    Filip Kołodziej Majesty Dirt
    As promised today we are presenting one of the bikes owned by our NS Bikes team rider and tester - Filip Kołodziej. Check out his hardtail bike build on the NS Majesty Dirt frame.   Frame: Majesty DirtFork: Rock Shox Tora 100mmHandlebar: NS ProofStem: NS QuarkGrips: NS LegendHeadset: WTP Com...


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