Feb 13 2017

Three riders, three styles, one bike

The Snabb E Carbon premiered last season as our first ever bike made of nonmetal material. We chased the dream of having the ultimate mountainbike - light enough to keep you up with the guys on XC machines and yet sufficiently strong to let you enjoy the bike parks and even DH courses. We were on a mission to design a bike, that will satisfy different types of riders - from trail and enduro warriors, through fastest downhill racers to avid dirt jumpers and freeriders.


Do we call it a mission accomplished? Hell yeah! But our feelings are one thing, and letting the different style specialists do their thing with the bike is a whole other story. Yet, it’s the best possible way to test our thesis about making the most versatile mountain bike in our range. So we gave the bikes to our friends: California-based enduro rider, former FMB World Champion and reigning European DH champ. Three riders, three spots, one bike. We could write how much they loved the bike, and how well it suits their riding style, but we’d rather let the pictures do the talking. Presenting to you Michał Kollbek (California), Sam Pilgrim (Whistler) and Sławek Łukasik (Italy) featuring the Snabb Carbon.



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