1. Why don't the axle positioners have the tensioning bolt like normal chaintugs do? Won't the wheel move around in the dropouts?

2. What spoke lengths do I need to use with your hubs?

3. What kind of steel tubes do you use in your frames.

4. What is the size of the steerer tube in the RNS fork and what hub standard does it fit?

5. Is it possibile to run the Soda Evo with a 135x12 rear hub?

6. If I cut down my handlebars will I void my warranty?

7. I'm using a Quick Release hub in my frame with horizontal dropouts and my rear wheel keeps on moving in the dropouts, I can't seem to keep it in the desired position

8. I want some stickers...

9. How can I get sponsored by NS Bikes

10. How can I buy your stuff ?

11. Can I use the NS pedals for grinding?

12. Can I use gears on my dirt jump/street frame?

13. Can I repaint my frame?

14. Can I put pegs on my frame?

15. Can I buy NS products direct from you ?

16. I want to be your distributor - what should I do ?

17. Which of your rims and wheels are tubeless ready?

18. Do you offer crash replacement?

19. Can I run a double crown fork on the frames?

20. Which of your frames are front derailleur compatible?

21. What's the biggest tire that I can fit in my frame

22. What are the headset standards in your frames?

23. What is the BB standard in your frames?

24. What is the seatpost/clamp diameter?