Nov 28 2017


The Eccentrics - our true new school MTB hardtails. Once a single bike, now an entire, growing family of different models, designs, specs and looks.



In 2018 we’re launching a new sub-line of the range - the Eccentric Lite. You could think that their name refers to the bikes’ weight. And it is true, they are significantly lighter, but it’s really more about the application of these bikes. The Lite’s are our new entrance into the world of fast and aggressive trail riding or what others may call progressive cross country. Yes, we know that the words “cross country” gives you shivers, but trust us - this style of riding really is the sh#t!



Ok, but what exactly does it translate into? First of all - the geometry. The Lite’s frames are far, far away from the short steep donkeys that you may associate with hardtail trail from the past. The 66.5 head tube angle, short chainstay (420 mm) and really long front (FC from 718 to 771 mm) makes the bike stable enough to get the rider through the demanding descents but at the same time will not hamper climbing in any way at all.


Add the 29” wheels, 120mm forks, 1x drivetrains and you got our recipe for ride that is fast, fun, but slightly less furious as the experience that you get on the Eccentric Cromo or Eccentric Alu 29  - our more radical bikes with bigger forks and slacker angles.

The latter is another newcomer in the line-up. Radical, modern geometry with a very long reach and a super slack head angle make this bike ideal for anyone who likes to go full gas! The bike is built around a super strong yet light alloy frame built with a custom tubeset. The dropper post that is included in the package will help you fly down the steepest descents with confidence. Paired with some really sexy tanwall tires and components in our new 'oil rub' finish, this bike not only rides like a dream but also stands out from the crowd in terms of the look.

As to the Cromo version of our hardcore hardtail 29-er the main change in reference to last year is the Kind Shock dropper post with 125mm travel.

Last but not least - the well known Eccentric Djambo. A simple and pure freedom machine. New school geometry paired with plus sized tires translate into a fun loving hardtail. The overbuilt alloy frame is tough as nails and beautifully executed. It's way longer and slacker than most bikes out there and has fat tires (but not too fat!).

Each of our five Eccentrics come in 3 sizes (16”/17.5”/19.5”). For more info about each model head to the specific bike description on our website. The 2018 Eccentrics will be available from mid December through our distributors and dealers network.

Eccentric Alu 29

Eccentric Cromo

Eccentric Djambo

Eccentric Lite1

Eccentric Lite 2