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NEW FOR 2020

New freecoaster rear hub from NS allow to ride backwards without having to back pedal. This opens up a whole new world of tricks that cannot be done with cassette/frewheel hub. This is one of the only hubs you can run as a freecoaster
and cassette - 2 in 1 - Coster / Cassette Switchable. Sold setup as freecoaster. Available with one big slack option only. Can be converted from freecoaster to cassette using included second set of pawls and springs making it one of the most versatile hubs around. One of the few and probably world lightest mtb freecoaster hubs - weights only 494g with indestructible hardened cromoly 15mm female axle. Same size of flanges, allows to use same length of spokes and makes the wheel strong and evenly tightened. Silent, very fast, drag free hub.
- Lightweight mtb freecoaster hub
- Silent, very fast, drag free hub.
- Indestructible hardened cromoly 15mm female axle.
- Can be converted from freecoaster to cassette
- 5 sealed bearings
- IS mount
- 32h version only

Technical specification

Material: AL6061-T6 body, AL7075-T6  cromoly hardware
Axle: Indestructible hardened cromoly axle
3/8” steel bolts compatible with 10mm dropouts
O.L.D 135mm

Driver: 10T driver 
5 sealed bearings (x3 in driver, x2 in hub shell)
ISO disk brake mount (International Standard / 6-bolts)
conversion kit to cassette included (pawls, springs)
3 pawls with 3 individual springs
24 engagement points of points in cassette mode
Lacing: 32h version only
weight: 495g

Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual colours and design may vary slightly from the images on the website.

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