Jul 25 2019

Presenting the NS Define 150 and 130

After the successful romance with 29” wheels resulting with the birth of the Snabb 150 and Snabb 130 - our first big wheel full suspension rigs - we had to make another step and “carbonize” them. After almost two years of development here it is - the Define.  



The Define come in two options: trail 130 (140mm front / 130 mm rear travel) and enduro 150 (160mm front / 155mm rear travel). Both bikes have the cutting-edge geometry - with reach up to 490/500mm in L size, head tube angle as slack as 65.5/64.5 degrees and effective seat tube angle as steep as 77/76 degrees. This makes the Defines super stable on the roughest descents at any speed, but also allow the rider to pedal-up even the steepest climbs (if the power is there)


Why we think Define is so special? The frame’s industrial design - work of an award winning team, responsible for the design of prised Rondo bikes - makes the Define stand out from the crowd. 




Secondly, the adjustable geometry. Like our downhill machine - the Fuzz - the Define also allows to change the reach by +/- 10mm thanks to the offset headset cups. The rider can finetune his/her position, without having to change, for example, the stem length or saddle’s horizontal position. 


The Define also allows to raise the BB height from stock settings by 5mm thanks to the adjustable shock mount. You can even transform the bike’s characteristics completely by swapping both rear shock and its mount. This move allows to change the rear wheel travel from 130 to 155 mm (or vice versa)! That makes the Define practically 2 bikes in one! Yes you still need another set of suspension, but not more than that. (Note: different lengths of shock mounts available separately).


Finally, the external/internal cable routing. The special channel let the cables blend in the downtube elegantly and yet gives the user super-easy access to cables - anytime, anywhere. Safecracker skills not needed anymore, to get them through the tricky internal routing channels. 



Both Define 150 and Define 130 come in two specification and price levels starting with €4499. To get more info about individual models, go to the Define's product page.  

The bikes are avaliable now through our distributors and dealers network and our webshop