Mar 24 2020


Dear NS Bikes Riders,
In these specific times not only cycling society needs responsible actions. We are all in exceptional situation righ now.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread we have decided to implement major changes in our daily working order to respect policies, protect you, our clients, our employees, their families and athletes.
We have decided to minimalize short-distance contact within our company. Don’t worry. This does not mean we are closed. We are working from home, taking shift hours nad work as efficently as before. 


If possible, we also encourage you to choose telephone or e-mail instead of visiting us in our office these days.


We all need to do our best to isolate right now. Please keep in mind, group riding might be dangerous, so we encourage you to take easy solo rides at your local trails. Try to ride safely. Less backflips - more style and cardio. This is also a great opportunity for you all, to train at home preparing your body for upcomming season, mentally and physically. Having in mind others try to support you local bike dealers giving your bike for pre-seasonal service or complementing your gear.
Few NS Bikes recommendations for quarantine time:
- Less backflips- more cardio!
- wash yor hands frequently
- #stayhome, eat well, train more
- respect local restrctions
- keep your eyes open and help other if they need it
- be patient, better times are around the corner