Sep 21 2020

NS Riders at Audi Nines


Everyone has to admit- 2020 is a hectic and crazy year when it comes to events and bicycle shows. Due to COVID-19 most of the events had to be postponed or canceled. Many organizers wait with the decision until the really last days before the parties as the situation is changing dramatically. 


This is why the 2020 Audi Nines was one of the most long-awaited contest of the season. Over 100 riders gathered on the well known, Marsian-like area in the huge sand mine in the middle of nowhere. Each year organizers make their best to create unique features on which riders from around the globe can train and push their boundaries even further. Many new tricks had been made here before, like quadruple tailwhip on dirt by Dawid Godziek in 2019.



This year three of NS riders made it to the event- Max Fredriksson, Dawid Godziek, and Szymon Godziek. To boost boys' excitation about going abroad for one of the few events this year we provided them with brand new, 2020 NS Decade frames in fancy colors. They have built new bikes a week before the event kicked off so that they can adjust everything in the right way and have time to get used to the new bike. Find a few photos of the event below.