Dec 16 2016

Introducing the Snabb Plus!

Introducing the youngest, but at the same time the biggest member of Snabb family - the Snabb Plus. The most versatile machine in our range.


The concept of the bike was simple: to make a big wheeled beast that is quick as lightning but also pure fun to ride. We wanted a hardcore trail bike that loves to be pushed hard, with modern geometry that we've all grown to love: slack angles, a long front and a tight back end. We've had some experience on long travel 29'ers and in our opinion, anything close to 160mm is just too much. So we decided to settle for 130 travel in the back and pair it with a strong 140mm fork up front. The combination resulted in a bike that everyone in our company immediately fell in love with.


You think 29” is XC only, not fit for proper shredding? Wrong! As befits a real Snabb it can be pushed to the limits on the descents, sent on big hits (despite “short” travel) and will let you enter the double sharp bends at full speed like there’s no tomorrow!  What’s even better after all the fun downhill you can be first back on the top, ready for more fun on the trail. There are seriously few things the Snabb Plus can be intimidated by. This really is a trail bike that we’ve always wanted. Correction! The trail bike that everybody wanted!


The bike comes fitted with 29” wheels however if you ever want to make a swap to big 27.5+ tires the frame has plenty of clearance to fit anything up to 3.0”. The geometry is low, long and slack - just as our customers would like it to be. People choosing NS Bikes are usually tough riders with aggressive style, so they expect our products to hold up to some serious abuse. Snabb Plus is no different in that matter, as it is designed and built to DH standards. The suspension runs on high-end MAX bearings and that means prolonged period of smooth and maintenance free use. As our all 2017 Snabbs the Plus feature super stiff one-piece rocker arm and new generation of SRAM’s shocks with trunnion mount. This update resulted not only in stiffening the already very rigid rear triangle, but also made the suspension run more linear and smoother. The Snabb Plus comes in two versions Plus 1 and Plus 2. Both bikes are equiped in 29" wheels, dropper posts and 1x11 drivetrain from SRAM. If you want to know the bike details, geometry, specification and more, visit the specific bike tab:


- Snabb Plus 1

- Snabb Plus 2


But, you know, talk is cheap. We gave the bike out to the biggest bloke in NS Bikes Family - Michał "Kollbi" Kollbek, who, unlike us here in NS HQ, lives in sunny California. When Kollbi was racing DH in Poland his nickname was "King Kong". Well, by the photos you can say that he was called that way for a reason! Actually, Michał was the person who was pushing us to make a 29-er, while we were still a bit sceptical about the idea. We simply had to check his feelings on the final effect of our implementation of his idea. To facilitate you imagining how much he liked the bike, we should only say, that when he found out that his bike needs to be forwarded to a respectable bike mag for a review, he felt as if his girlfiend dumped him. Below video and photos prove that Michał just couldn't get enough of the Snabb Plus! And neither can we...