Aug 17 2017


Sailors would tattoo “HOLD FAST” on their fingers in hope, that it would prevent their hands from slipping on ropes. Especially when working aloft in foul weather! We believe that our HOLD FAST grips have the same magical powers. They will let you hold on to your bars and ride out of any trail that you may encounter.



Perhaps the longest lock-on grips on the planet - these whopping 148mm grips fit modern, wide handlebars perfectly and ensures that your palms are always on the rubber part, not on the clamp or barend. They are are reasonably thin and have a big, smoothly rounded inboard clamps. All this adds up to a great feel with or without gloves. The integrated hard plastic bar ends provide a lot of durability and protect your handlebars ends from cracking in case of a crash.



We used a honeycomb pattern which is naturally stable in every direction. It doesn’t twist or tear and gives plenty of grip, wet or dry. Apart from the strength the honeycomb guarantees very good damping properties and light weight. We intentionally used a thin plastic base in order to let the hexagons do their work and support your hands comfortably on the grips. Along with the new soft and yet long lasting rubber compound are really something special. We are totally in love with these new grips and believe you will feel the same as soon as you get your hands on them.




  • Length: 148mm
  • Diameter: 31mm
  • Unique tapered one clamp design
  • Integrated plastic bar end
  • 5 color options: black, black-oil slick, blue, orange, lemon lime
  • Weight: 103g
  • RRP: €29.9

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