Jan 23 2017

Eccentric Cromo - go hard(tail) or go home!

Who said aggressive trail riding can only be done on long travel, full suspension bikes? Remember, that hardtail shredding stands at the core of mountain biking! We agree that doing it on a retro bike could be kind a of pain in the ass, but when you take the design of a classic steel bike and join it with a concept of a modern grinding - things start to get interesting!


This mixture stands behind the idea of our new Eccentric Cromo. The heart of this beautiful 29-er is the amazing steel frame built with custom drawn Tange cromo tubes and gussets. It has very aggressive modern geometry with a very long reach and a super slack head angle. The weight of the frame is approximately 2.4kg which is light by any standards. But don’t worry, it’s strong enough to hold up to a lot of abuse. All the know-how that we have managed to acquire over the years of building steel dirt-jumpers has been funneled into this frame. This is really a very unique looking bike and it rides like a boss!


The default setup of the bike feature the the big sized wheels (29”), but you can easily change them to fatter 27.5”+ for more grip and confidence in harder terrain. The Eccentric has both hubs and cranks in boost standard, for more stiffness in key points. The old school touch of high polished cockpit, seatpost and skinwall tires complete the package of this aggressive trail slayer.

For more technical info and specification details go to Eccentric Cromo's product site



 Photography: Piotr Jurczak |