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These custom loose ball die-cast pedals rule. Not just another re-branded product, the Aerial's were designed from the ground up by our team. Every single aspect has been analysed in order to obtain a low profile, reliability and light weight.

We are proud to say that these stylish pedal have proven themselves over time and can be found in thousands of bikes all around the world. We are now using longer pins for better grip especially in wet / muddy conditions.



- designed for all applications

- large stable platform

- strong chassis

- nice price

Technical specification

Material: die-cast aluminium

Concave low-mid profile platform with embossed NS-Bikes logo

Platform size & thickness: 95mm x 95mm x 19mm

Loose ball system

15 mm flat wrench slot + 6 mm Allen hex socket

Axle thread size: standard 9/16"

Removable 3mm & 4mm high pins

Weight: ~448g loose

Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual colours and design may vary slightly from the images on the website.