Apr 24 2014

2018 NS Bikes parts & frames - new goodies in stock!

As usual we've got some new goodies in our parts and frames line-up. Apart from the new, sick colors, like the introduced ORB finish, we got some completely new products ready to land in your rig of dreams! What's new in the 2018 collection.




Our brand new carbon bar, replacing the Monogram, is one of the strongest and most stable carbon bars on the market. We know this because we benchmarked these bars against the best products on the market. We thrashed them, bent them, broke them and dissected them. The Licence Carbon offer the perfect balance between rigidity and desired flex. Optimal layering in critical areas, combined with rigidity of the carbon to make sure that even if you take things too far, the bar won't fail catastrophically. The clamping area has a textured anti-slip sand surface outside and integrated reinforcing sleeve inside the bar that will work with even widest stem designs.
Available in two versions 35mm and 31.8mm both in super wide 820mm version with 35mm rise and lots of back sweep.




The Licence is a new handlebar model that replaces the Evidence. It comes in two bar-bore sizes (31.8 and 35) and has a whopping 820mm width. Manufactured from AL7050-T6 which has very high fatigue resistance. We made custom tooling to build in super long tapers and smooth butting to avoid stress points - in fact you can see the difference in the shape at a first glance. The Licence is also really comfortable with lots of back sweep.






The Enigma family has a new member - the heavy duty "Rock". This new bombproof Downhill/Freeride/Enduro rim is available in 27.5” and features the same super wide profile as lighter Enigma Roll rims. The difference between the Rock & Roll models is 50g of material added to reinforce the already bombproof Roll rims. The Enigma Rock is perfect as the rear rim for an Enduro setup, with a lighter Roll rim in the front, or as the front and rear rims in a Downhill racing bike. The new rim features a super wide 35mm profile that works perfectly with bigger tires and gives them more stability and a correct profile. The Dynamal material offers superior mechanical properties, such as increased ultimate tensile strength and yield of the material. In short, it's way more stiff than standard alloys used in most rims on the market. A sleeved connection results in a strong and impact resistant rim and also saves weight due to the specific rim profile. A special bead design secures all tires even at low pressures and reduces pinch flats with standard tubes. Naturally, it's tubeless ready. The Rock are available as rims and complete wheels. 




This new 29” Enduro / All Mountain bike is the monster truck of the Snabb range. The frame has a whopping 150mm of travel in the rear and when paired with a modern 160mm fork it really becomes capable of rolling over anything at any speed. The massive one-piece rocker arm makes the rear triangle incredibly stable and drives the new generation of metric shocks with a trunion mount. The frames are built to DH racing standard and run on high-end MAX bearings for prolonged periods of smooth, service free use. A few words from Dirt Mountain Bike magazine sum this bike up: “How does the NS compared to the other machines that we have in the list? To be straight. Very well. Stable on the straights and nimble in the turns. When sending the bike into the abyss, over shooting a jump, the suspension took it like a champ. In no uncertain terms this really is a cracker of a bike. The build spec may have some small issues but the price allows for some wiggle room for upgrades. The Snabb has up to date sizing and a clean smooth look. This really is up in the top end of the ranks. Would I buy this bike? It is most definitely on the short list with a select few that i would.”

The frame comes fitted with the the latest FOX Performance Elite DPX2 LV Evol shock with amazing small bump compliance and works best with a 140-160mm fork.





The Fuzz has been thrashed and flipped by freeriders like Szymon Godziek and Max Fredriksson and proved itself in the racing environment, taking podiums at major DH events worldwide. It's been ridden at the WC and IXS DH Cup by Polish National Champ, Slawek Lukasik and the other fast boys from Factory Racing Team. For 2018 the frame has undergone a major overhaul which includes revised geometry (yes... longer, lower, slacker!), chain stay lengths proportional to the frame size and adjustable reach thanks to the special eccentric headset. The Fuzz frameset comes fitted with the new FOX Performance Elite DHX2 shock.


 All new parts and frames are avalialbe through our dealers and distributors network or our online shop