Video: adidas Ride The Sky - FMB in Poland

JUN 26 2013
Video: adidas Ride The Sky - FMB in Poland

On the 14/15th of June the FMBA bronze event took place in Poland. crew built a massive course with stepdown and two huge jumps. The contest had a very interesting and unique setting. Course was placed in front of the "flying saucer" - an indoor sports arena located in the very centre of Katowice.


adidas Ride The Sky FMB World Tour official highlights video on Pinkbike

Daryl Brown sending highest airs as usual and Patrick Leitner with nofoot cancan. picture by https Bartjestem

adidas Ride The Sky event gathered over 12.000 spectators to witness an amazing show performed by 40 riders from around the Europe. Riders were pulling top notch tricks such as seatgrab superman tailwhip by Laszlo Gal (HUN) and cashroll by Antti Rissanen (FIN). Both maneuvers were successfully attempted at the very beginning in qualification runs.

seatgrab superman by

The riding level was insane. There were many tricks, which must be mentioned to give you the full overall look at riders' skills presented during adidas Ride The Sky. Frontflip nohand by Bartek Obukowicz from Poland at the last jump was just enough to take the 5th place. 

backflip nohand by

Russians best - Vishnievy showed his amazing upside down combos like backflip triple barspin and backflip tailwhip to barspin. Austrian rider Clemens Kaudela took 3rd position with massive 360 from the stepdown and fully extended backflip superman on the biggest jump. 

360 stepdown by

Sam Reynolds, the best British rider, finished in second place after delivering numerous flipwhips, double whips. He also nailed the best trick – world's first bikeflip. 

backflip stepdown by

Local shredder - Szymon Godziek – boosted with the crowds cheering eventually took the win with plenty of great tricks such as: cashroll, frontflip barspin, backflip tailwhip and backflip table off the stepdown. 1st place scored in Katowice pushed Szymon into second position in the FMBA overall world ranking!

Frontflip barspin by

Competitors were supported by Fuel Girls from Masters of Dirt. They did a great fire-dancing show just before the Original Source Best Trick contest.

badphoto Konrad Ruci ski

adidas Ride The Sky contest was described by many riders as the best FMB bronze event ever. Just to mention some of them in quotations below.

Pavel "Vishneviy" Alekhin: 
"It was such a good weekend! Never been to Poland before, but thanks to this event im not gonna forget it! the level of riding was insane!"

Szymon "Shaman" Godziek: 
"adidas Ride The Sky was one of the best events in FMB world tour. The course was awesome and I had so much fun riding it. We want more events like this one!!!"

Pablo Moreno - O'Marisquiño - FMBA Silver Event - Spain
"I've heard great feedback from your event, It looks really good! good job! Amazing riders and amazing tricks, not too bad for the first edition"



Masters Of Dirt riders 1. Szymon Godziek 2. Sam Reynolds 3. Clemens Kaudela 4. Pavel Alekhyn 5. Bartek Obukowicz Fuel Girls and crew

Special thanks to event sponsors: adidas Originals, Original Source, Monster Energy, G-Shock

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