Sławek Łukasik - Welcome to the team!

APR 17 2014
Sławek Łukasik - Welcome to the team!

As soon as the development of the Fuzz began, we have been looking for a truly fast rider to help us with the development and testing on the circuit. Sławek is very demanding and picky about his race rig. He has always been using very fancy bikes and we were worried if our new product would live up to his expectations.



After thoroughly testing the Fuzz prototype Sławek Łukasik had this to say: “I'm very excited about the transfer to the NS Bikes Team. I rode the Fuzz prototype for over three months before deciding to join the NS Team. I liked the bike but we needed to make some small adjustments. As a result, the production bike that I am using now is really dialed”



To proove this, Sławek went to take 3rd place in the first UCI C1 DH race of the season on the Croatian island of Lošinj. 



“It's a very exciting time for us since it's our first year on the international DH circuit and the fact that we finally have a really talented rider from our own country makes us very proud. I was one of the pioneers of the sport in Poland and being able to be back in the scene big time is really a special feeling.” says Szymon Kobylinski, owner of NS Bikes.


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