Pope chilling on NS Bikes Clash

On the last dry and sunny day of the year Bartek had a few things to take care of in town and he asked us if he could take the new Clash out for a spin. As it's not the bike he rides every day, we were very happy to let him check it out. It was also a good opportunity to call our friend Ryys and ask him to follow Bartek through the city with a camera. Bartek couldn't resist a quick session on the 4X track and also spent a few hours at the Dirt Park ( At the end of the day he said he loved the bike and that it felt so stable and comfortable that he could do many of the tricks that he does on his Majesty, yet at the same time it was great for all-round riding and longer distances. Check out this short edit.

More details about our Clash bikes at:,25,pl.htm

Rider: Bartek Obukowicz
Video: RyyS