Nuno Pintas grabs 2nd place for NS Bikes in Vigo!

28 2013
Nuno Pintas grabs 2nd place for NS Bikes in Vigo!

Our newest member of the team - Nuno Pintas from Portugal had a great weekend in Vigo and swiped the 2nd place at the FMB World Tour O'Marisquiño event in Vigo.


Here is the full report and results: 


The super dirt jump contest, O'Marisquiño held its 3rd edition entering the Freeride World Tour as an official silver event. The track was bigger and longer than last year, placed on a beautiful location next to the Vigo Harbour.


More than 5,000 spectators were able to watch some of the best mountain bike dirt jump action under the Spanish sun. The crowd persistently cheered and motivated the riders in the typical Spanish way.


The event was not without surprises either. American rider Nicholi Rogatkin took home the win at O'Marisquiño. Nicholi showed a combination of tricks that we normally see at the biggest FMB World Tour events. At this silver event he nailed an incredible late frontflip no hander on the 7 meter jump, a cashRoll, and double tailwhip on the Hip. A run more than deserving of 1st place.


The Portuguese rider Nuno Pintas was one of the most celebrated over the weekend. Cleanly executed tricks like a 720, an invert 360, and a 360 no hander gave the crowd something to shout about! Nuno also showed a technical range of tricks including a double tailwhip and a 360-barspin to drop.


3rd position went to a UK rider, most renowned for his ability to fly high. Daryl Brown, qualified 1st at O'Marisquiño on Saturday. He completed a perfect run pulling tricks like his signature superman seat grab and a 360 double barspin to x-up but  it wasn't enough to beat Nicholi and Nuno.



The event was a stomper! The location was stunning and the crowd created an unforgettable atmosphere. The FMB World Tour is looking forward to the next edition in 2014!


All Photos accredited to Konrad Ruscinski // BADphoto


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Top 10 results: 

  1. Nicholi Rogatkin
  2. Nuno Pintas (NS Bikes)
  3. Daryl Brown
  4. Bienvenido Aguado
  5. Gerard Plata
  6. Steffen Graff
  7. joan Carles Renom
  8. Enzo Haberl
  9. Carles Marin
  10. Joa Varandas