Our aim was to make one of the strongest carbon bars on the market. We teamed up with one of the best carbon fibre specialists in our industry, benchmarked our bars against the best available products, thrashed, tested and dissected our prototypes.

The Monogram is optimised for carbon fibre material, making the bar strong and lightweight and offering the perfect balance between rigidity and desired flex. We use 100% Toray® Carbon to get best high impact protection. Optimal wall thickness in critical areas, combined with rigidity of the carbon to make sure that even if you take things too far, the bar won't fail catastrophically. The clamping area has a textured anti-slip sand surface outside and integrated reinforcing sleeve inside the bar that will work with even widest stem designs.

Available in two versions. The 762mm 'Lite' Enduro/Trail/All-Mountain version weighs just under 190g, and the 800mm 'Plus' DH/FR version comes in at 235g.

- material: 100% Toray® Carbon fibre + UD carbon outer layer
- clamp: 31.8 mm
- width: 762mm / 30”
- rise: 20mm / 0.8”, extension (c-c): 39mm / 1.5”
- backsweep: 9°
- upsweep: 4°
- weight: ~188g

Actual product may slightly differ from the one pictured above. For full warranty and manual go to our warranty page


Monogram Lite colors