Age: 24
Location: Kincardine, Ontario
Years Riding: Forever
Representing: NS Bikes, LamaCycles Distribution, The Rise

Riding style: Street and park for the most part. I really just like to keep things smooth and simple.

Best thing about your bike: Where do I start? It’s got to be my frame and bars. Both fit me to a “T”. I’m a taller rider so the geometry of the Suburban Dirt gives me the room I need and the District High bars give the perfect height in the front to keep everything nice and comfy.

Interests besides riding: I’m a full time carpenter/apprentice and a part time instagramming enthusiast. I love working on my truck and getting out in some rough country with it. I really just like being outdoors in general. Last but not least, I love spending time with my lovely girlfriend.

Top 5 musicians/bands: Such a tough call. Mumford & Sons, The Sheepdogs, Miss May I, Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex

Memorable places visited so far: So far, definitely B.C, Western Canada is absolutely gorgeous. Brookyln Banks and Killarney Provincial Park's “Skatepark Island” at the very top of the Georgian Bay.

Shoutouts: I'd like to thank LamaCycles Distribution for all the support they've given me so far. The entire “” crew for being complete bad boys and my friends and family for always being super supportive and behind me the entire time!


    Frame: NS Bikes 2015 Majesty Park
    Fork: Fox 36 Float dropped to 90mm
    Bars: NS Bikes District
    Stem: NS Bikes Quantum Stem 45mm 
    Grips: Octane One Flange 
    Headset: Octane One
    Seatpost and Saddle: Octane One Combo
    Cranks: Premium
    Pedals: Octane One Nylon
    Bottom Bracket: O1 MID 
    Sprocket: Premium
    Chain: Octane One Half-link
    Tires: Maxxis DTH 2.25"
    Front Hub: NS Bikes Rotary 20mm
    Front Rim: Mavic 721
    Rear Hub: NS Bikes Rotary Pro
    Rear Rim: Atomlab Trailpimp
    Brakes: Nada