Nickname: Gare-Bear

Age: 24 years

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

2015 rides: NS Fuzz, NS Snabb, NS Decade, NS Soda Slope

Sponsors: NS Bikes/Octane One, iXS Sports, Atomlab, Sr Suntour, Joystick


Garrett is one of the most promissing and skilled riders from Canada riding for NS Bikes team. Living in Kelowna, British Columbia he is riding on almost every type of bike NS has in it's offer, mainly shredding in a local Silver Star Bike Park. He is also competing in various events across Canada and USA. Remember his name cause you will hear about him in the future for sure. Photo and video credits go to Matt Butterworth and Eric Marciniak.



Garrett Robertson on Pinkbike

What got you riding MTB?
I had a Bmx when I was maybe 12 years old and I used to set up little wooden kickers on my street, the kid next door got a mountain bike for his birthday and I tried it out. I fell in love with suspension and got my first mountain bike shortly after, a Nakamura Avalanche from sport chek. Two years later I had finally saved enough money to buy a Norco Manic with some help from my parents and I've been hooked ever since.

What inspires you to ride?
Besides the obivous fact that its tons of fun I love getting people stoked. Whenever someone does something crazy for the first time and everyone freaks out and gets super excited, theres no better feeling in the world.

Anything you would change in the MTB industry?
I'd just like to see it get bigger, how is ping pong an olympic sport and mtb isn't I mean seriously...... ( that being said i've watched olypic pingpong and its insane.)

Any other interests besides riding?
FORD RANGERS!! haha, I love trucks and tinkering with them. I'm currently the proud owner of 2 ford rangers. Just about everyone I know thinks they belong in a scrap yard but I love them to peices.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Living in an RV at different walmarts around the world, stopping anywhere there is sick riding.

Style for miles or tricks for the win?
I love watching guys with style, tricks are awesome though too. I personally dont have much style, I wish it was the kind of thing I could just learn.

Favortie alcoholic beverage?
Lucky Lager!!!! Best beer and one of the cheapest too!

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
I go nuts or tropicana orange juice, its almost as good as fresh squeezed

Top 3 riders?
Cam Mccaul, Mike Montgomery, Paul Genovese

Top 3 music bands?
Kid Cudi, Rise Against, Paper Tongues

Top 3 movies?
Austin Powers Gold Member, 300, The Recruit

Shout outs?
Rob Cochrane at Sun Country, he treats me like one of his own.
Harrisons Mom, for letting Harry build jumps in there yard and for being so darn good lookin.


    Frame: NS Bikes Decade
    Fork: SR Suntour Durolux RC2 100mm
    Headset: Octane One Warp Integrated
    Handlebar: Joystick 8-bit alloy 38mm rise 
    Stem: Joystick Digger
    Grips: Joystick Downlow Lock-on
    Brake: Shimano Deore XT
    Cranks: Octane One 2PCS Pro
    Chain: Octane One Single Pro
    Pedals: NS Radiance
    Rims: Atomlab DHR SuperLite
    Hubs: Atomlab Pimplite 102
    Tires: Geax Mezcal


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2014 1st place GoPro Slopestyle at Mountain Games
2013 1st place at Teva Winter Mountain Games