Time for some new wider 30 inch hi-rise cromoly handlebars - go get them! The District bars are high and wide, making them a perfect fit for street bikes that are usually built around low front ends. Even if the bar is really wide its completely comfortable with the big backweep. This bar really rules, especially for use with Capital frame and RNS forks.


To make the Districts, we start by buying the very best Japanese cromoly that is available on the market. Next, the bars go through a complex process of multiple butting and shaping. We had to make special tools to manufacture this bar because everything is non-standard. We use our own specifically designed tools to get the unique shape and butting– note that all the bends have a large radius to minimise material deformation and get that special relaxed look. After that the bars go through a carefully controlled heat treating process, and the final finishing touch they are ready to go faster and higher.


The District fits both BMX & MTB stems as they are 22.2 clamp size but shims to standard 25.4 size are included.

- material: heat-treated 4130 cromoly steel
- clamp 22.2 mm (incl. shims for 25.4 mm)
- width: 762mm / 29.1”
- rise: 87mm / 3.5” , extension c-c: 102mm / 4”
- backweep: 10°
- upsweep: 4°
- weight: ~550-560g

Actual product may slightly differ from the one pictured above. For full warranty and manual go to our warranty page