Name: Benjamin Prevost Desjardins
Age: 23
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 160lbs
Location: Ottawa, ON
Sponsors: LamaCycles
Years riding: 8. 1st year with LamaCycles


We all know Canada doesn't see the best weather this time of year... How have you been passing the winter months?
Where have you been getting most of your sessions in? In Ottawa, it's very hard to find anywhere to ride during the winter. I mostly head to Montreal to ride Taz and do a few trips to Joyride 150. When I'm not out riding during the winter, I play a whole bunch of Call of Duty and some guitar occasionally.


What are your plans once the weather warms up? Any trips you're trying to make happen?
My plans are to start filming as soon as we can ride outside! I would also like to ride a bit more street this year. You will most likely find me at a park though. Haha. I would like to go ride the Louisville skatepark in Kentucky. It's been a dream of mine for a few years now and I think this year is the year I go.


Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
I would obviously like to thank LamaCycles for believing in me and supporting my riding! Thanks to Broderick Horne for taking ridiculously good pictures and editing videos. Thanks to all my rider friends (Zach Horne, Dillon Weese, Logan Reinisch, Jeremy Menduni, and many others) in Ottawa for making it so fun to go out everyday a ride!

Cranks are on the reverse side. My left crank is on the right, and right crank is on the left. This causes my pedal bodies to be set farther back on the bike.


Why do you ride that particular frame?
I ride the NS Capital because it has the best geometry to ride park. Short chainstays and high bottom bracket makes it feel like almost like a BMX and I love that.


Your impressions on your new ride?
The NS Capital is the ideal frame for the park/street rider. I love the way it rides and I'm very impressed overall!


Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
I have no idea how much my bike weighs! I'm not too concerned about the weight except for certain parts: tires and fork. It probably weighs around 25lbs.


    Frame: NS Capital
    Fork: RockShox Argyle RCT/NS RNS
    Bars: NS District 29”
    Stem: Shadow Conspiracy Attack TL
    Grips: Animal Edwins
    Headset: Eastern Bikes Integated
    Seat: Kink Sexton Fat
    Cranks: Demolition Medial V2
    Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Plastic
    Bottom Bracket: Shadow Conspiracy Spanish
    Sprocket: Shadow Conspiracy 27T
    Chain: Gusset half link
    Tires: Maxxis DTH 2.2”
    Front Hub: NS Rotary Soda Blue
    Front Rim: Mavic 521
    Rear Hub: Madera 10T LHD
    Rear Rim: Mavic 721
    Brakes: my shoes haha!


Facebook: Benjamin Prevost Desjardins
Instagram: @benpdesjardins