Oct 24 2022

Szymon Godziek takes 2nd at Rampage!

This is a moment of pure pride. Szymon Godziek made a story for himself and for NS Bikes taking 2nd place at the 2022 Red Bull Rampage.


Years of hard work put together with a great line, full commitment, and a great custom FUZZ bike made him beat many top riders across the world and put him at second to top place in Utah. What a day for all of us!


You can't smile more having in hand a Rampage trophy, a lovely daughter, and a weapon of crime- custom NS FUZZ


Szymon's run was one of a lifetime. Stylish manuals in freeride style on the top of the mountain, HUGE 360 from a big double drop, and the final banger- the flip over the canyon gap! Couldn't be better!




For those who missed it, we have built another custom downhill bike for Szymon, which is not only custom painted, but also equipped with 27,5'/26' wheels, 2.0 headsets, and a few more hacks to make the bike a perfect machine for tricks and downhill riding. For the full setup of the bike visit the previous article HERE