Dec 21 2017

Office rats


All the employees at NS Bikes love riding and we are very proud of that. Most of us were previously customers who were hired for basic jobs at the beginning but grew together with the company and moved on to do stuff that really suited their skills best. And most of them keep on progressing as riders too. Wojtek and Piotr are two great examples. 


The Chief Engineer and Domestic Marketing Manager have been with NS for many years, and although each of them comes from a different riding background, they spend loads of time together building trails and motivating each other to improve their level. 




Wojtek started work in the service department fixing bikes, but even before he started his course at the technical university, designing bike stuff was his hobby. At one point when our previous engineer left the company, we figured that Wojtek was ready to take over. And indeed, he now spends most of his time designing new bikes, testing them and improving existing models. He spends most of his free time riding downhill and freeride.



Piotr's early days in the company were similar to Wojtek's - which means fixing bikes. But he was very keen on developing his knowledge in photography, new media and online sales which led to his promotion to Marketing Manager. Before he got the job he was our worst customer ever. He would show up every month with a broken frame. Finally we decided to hire him. He's been working in the company for over 7 years and his favourite riding is dirt jumping and freeride.


Check out the Office Rats - the new video showing our two rippers on our local trails.