NS Capital - Jeremy Menduni

MAY 14 2014
NS Capital - Jeremy Menduni

Today we take a closer look at one of our LamaCycles Distribution / NS Bikes team rider bikes. Here is the Capital owned by Jeremy Menduni.


Frame: NS Capital 26”
Fork: Pride Street
Bars: NS District 
Stem: Superstar
Grips: ODI Longneck
Headset: Macneil
Seat: Pride Street
Cranks: Macneil 
Pedals: Octane 1
Bottom Bracket: 1664 I think haha
Sprocket: Macneil 23T
Chain: Spank Half link
Tires: Kenda Komforts
Front Hub: Odyssey 
Front Rim: Mavic 721
Rear Hub: BSD
Rear Rim: Mavic 721
Brakes: Vans Half Cabs <3


Your impressions on your new ride?
Super stoked on how easy it was to get use to. The barspin clearance is unreal, yet still so short that manuals and spins came with ease.


Why do you ride that particular frame?
The geo is so tight and “aggressive” which is perfect for the technical riding I do. The fact that I can run a BMX hub in the rear is also a big plus for me.


Cut bars to 28” and I'm running a pleg insert over my rear axle nut to protect from grinds.


Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
I'm not really concerned about the weight too much but I did buy a luggage scale recently, and I did get a chance to weigh it. It's at 23.5 lbs right now.