We like days like these!

OCT 03 2014
We like days like these!

Yesterday one of our friends - Wisnia - who's daily ride is the Fuzz - stopped by and saw one of our pre-production 650B downhill bikes in the office. He's a big wheel hater - a 26” for life kind of guy. We asked him if he wanted to have a go on our new 2015 Fuzz 2. Why not, he said. He rides almost everyday anyway.


A few hours later he called.


“Guys... this bike a total fu*& up!!!”


Upssss.... we really started to worry if indeed we took a step in the right direction with the bike.


“This bike is a fu*& up because it's waaaaaay faster than my old Fuzz! I'm totally confused. Roots on the local tracks that I know by heart have disappeared. It just rolls over everything. You've created a monster!”

What a relief... !


“And wait - this is the Fuzz 2 right? The entry level model? Damn... the spec is perfect, really - it's at least as good as like last years Fuzz 1. Amazing. I love the bike. And what's more - everyone I met complemented the looks. It's just the most beautiful bike in town now. Even my wife - who hates all my bikes - said it's amazing! Good job guys!”


I have to say... we like days like these!!


Photo by RafaƂ Mielczarek