Supernatural - Jaws Finds A New Zone

A couple of days ago Jaws Szczęki and Bartek Woliński ( visited a stone-world located in Ciężkowice - Skamieniałe Miasto, in the southern Poland. This supernatural scenery turned out to be a perfect playground for Jaws and his Soda.


Jaws told me about this place in December of last year and at that time we made plans to go there in the middle of this summer. This little stone-world is located in southern Poland. And finally it happened. In early October, myself, along with Jaws went to the "stone-world". The supernatural, perfect world.


"My family originates from this part of Poland and I first explored this area when I was 14 years old. It was such a magical place to see for the first time and it still is just as amazing today. I can remember putting my bike on the roof of my grandfather's Fiat 126p and going here. I was doing my first drops while he was wandering the area picking mushrooms - great memories. - Jaws."


"This area is not so easy to work with, under the leaves you can find very soft, dry sand and small stones. So you really need to search for proper dirt. Jaws was using a mini shovel, to work on some lips. To be honest he took the smallest one to quickly hide it incase someone was walking around."


"Riding there was an incredible adventure, I have explored that place in a new way, like nobody else has before. There is so much potential in these rocks. Wherever you look, you see lines, but they all would require some time in order to be rideable. - Jaws"