Age: 25
Location: Montreal, QC
Years Riding: 9
Representing: NS Bikes/LamaCycles, The Rise

Riding style: Fast & flowy
Best thing about your bike: Takes you to places in life you would have never imagined.
Interests besides riding: Architecture & design, hiking, music & definitely partying!
Top 5 musicians/bands: Explosions in the Sky, Cat Empire, The National, Gang Starr, The Ramones
Memorable places visited so far: NYC, Boston, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Toronto, Saguenay
Shoutouts: Shoutout to everyone who never tried to put sticks in my wheels!

“Stéphane is probably the best team manager on earth! If you're looking for a guy that is both as much involved in his daily job and his passion... well it's too late cause LamaCycles got him! I cannot think of a better person to represent the bike scene. He knows what he’s doing, and manages to be a true partymaster! Seriously, Stéphane always puts his heart in what he does and we're all grateful for the endless opportunites he’s offered us so far. It's incredible that one of my best friends is now my “boss”. I know it sounds weird, but if you know Stef, it sounds more like an awesome time! Thanks for everything batch!”

-Words by: Louis Lhomel


    Frame: NS Majesty
    Fork: Rock Shox Argyle RC
    Bars: NS Proof
    Grips: Animal
    Stem: NS Quark Pro
    Brake: Avid Code 5
    Cranks: Éclat Tibia
    Sprocket: Tree
    Chain: Salt ½” link
    Pedals: NS Aerial Pro
    Hubs: NS Rotary Pro
    Rims: NS Trailmaster
    Tires: KHE MAC2 Dirt
    Seat: Odyssey Senior2
    Weight: 24lbs