SoCal shredding on the Fuzz 650B

Michal Kollbek is one of Poland's most famous DH legends and pioneers of the sport. He lived in Krakow and has been racing since the late 90's. A few years ago he met a very hot girl from the USA who was on a trip visiting Krakow. Things got serious so he moved to the USA for her. He now lives in Santa Monica, works as a manager in a bike store and can now ride almost 360 days a year.


Kollbi was one of the first riders to pilot our new big wheeled beast. He's a tall guy so he was very anxious to get hold of this version of the Fuzz for a long time. And it was no surprise that it was love at first sight. Check out this awesome video shot by our friend Piotr Kabat showing Kollbi and the Fuzz in action.





The Fuzz is a true DH machine built to compete with the best in the pits, yet it is a modern do-it-all rig for any gravity assisted riding. The bike has been thrashed by Sam Pilgrim at events like Rampage and proved itself in the real racing environment too, taking podiums at major UCI events, piloted by the Polish DH star Slawek Lukasik.


2015 NS Bikes Fuzz 1 650B


The frame has truly modern DH geometry - it's low, slack, and has a very short rear end with a roomy front triangle. The 4-bar Horst link suspension has a significant amount of rearward axle movement which helps to absorb square faced bumps. Unlike most other designs on the market (including virtual pivot designs) it is immune to brake jack. There is also a fair amount of anti-squat built into the design to counter pedal-induced bob. The shock, which is the most heavy part of the frame is tucked away near the BB to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible.


2015 NS Fuzz 2 650b


For 2015 the Fuzz frame has been redesigned to run on 650B wheels. The specifications have also been upgraded significantly, with better derailleurs and forks in both models. The frame is already quite long, but we increased the reach of the large size even more.


Here is more information and full specs about 2015 Fuzz 1 and Fuzz 2 bikes.