NS Suburban - Jesse Drury

MAY 15 2014
NS Suburban - Jesse Drury

It looks like our Lamacycles / NS Bikes riders from Canada love the 2014 teal frames. Here is the bike of new Grassroot rider - Jesse Drury from Fredericton, New Brunswick built on the Suburban Park frame. 


Frame: 2014 Ns Suburban Park
Fork: Rockshox Argyle RCT 
Bars: Ns District 
Stem: Old Ns Quark 
Grips: Ns Sam Pilgrim Signature 
Headset: Snafu Integrated 
Seat: Octane one Combo
Cranks: Dmr Cult 
Pedals: Deity compound 
Bottom Bracket: Octane one Euro 
Sprocket: Premium 28 tooth 
Chain: Gusset slink 
Tires: Small block 8 in the front (2.3), Old specialized in the rear (2.2) 
Front Hub: Sun ringle 
Front Rim: Atomlab Pimplite 
Rear Hub: Ns rotary 
Rear Rim: Atomlab Pimplite 
Brakes: Shoes 



Name: Jesse Drury 
Age: 18 
Height: 6 feet 
Weight: 180lbs 
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Sponsors: Lama Cycles Distribution, Lurk Clothing NB
Years riding: 4

Why do you ride that particular frame?
I ride a lot of street and park, and a bit of dirt and i enjoy a more relaxed geo to my bikes. I decided on the Sub dirt because it seemed like a great choice for an all around frame. 

Your impressions on your new ride?
My bike is super solid this year. Ive had my bike out a couple times and it feels amazing, manuals really easily, and spins great. The colour is so sick!!!!

Concerned about your bike weight? You know how much it weighs?
I'm guessing it weighs around 26 pounds, I don't worry too much about the weight, how it rides is what matters. 

We all know Canada doesn't see the best weather this time of year... How have you been passing the winter months? Where have you been getting most of your sessions in?
Actually, I haven't been riding very much over the winter. I like to snowboard a lot in the winter to pass the time, but when I do get on my bike, we sesh this little parking garage downtown! The security is so chill about it, for once!

What are your plans once the weather warms up? Any trips you're trying to make happen? 
Riding a lot of street as soon as the snow leaves! Dylan and the crew and I are going to see our bro Pierre up in Bathurst in may, and also going to be taking a lot of trips to moncton as well. We plan on making some trips to montreal as well, and if we are lucky, maybe to highland! 

How can people keep up with you these days?

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
I would like to thank Pierre Luc- Arseneau for telling me about this awesome opportunity to get on the team, Lurk Clothing NB for being such a rad local company, Stephane Belanger for letting me be a part of a sick company and to my bro Dylan Papazian-Clare for slaving away hours on hours to make all of our videos happen!