NS Bikes Soda Air tested by FRBikes

JAN 29 2013
NS Bikes Soda Air tested by FRBikes

Our NS Bikes Distributor for Czech Republic and Slovakia – Katmar - has recently sent some of our new 2013 demo bikes to  FRBikes shop. They will be there as a part of an expo till the end of January. In the meantime the FRBikes crew took NS Soda Air along with a Mondraker Summum DH rig for a short test on the local trails. Although the trail was slippery fortunately they have managed to do this test shortly before the whole Budejce area was covered by half a meter of snow.


As the test was made in their native language we have decided to translate some of it so that we could learn what our southern neighbours think about our new enduro bike.



"NS Soda Air is a completely new bike that appeared in the 2013 offer. It is a versatile rig on the border of enduro and freeride. Sharing the same frame as the FR model at first it is really posing more as a freeride bike. It all changes when you check the components. Bike is fitted, as the name suggest with air suspension and lightweight, but durable (DH / FR) components. Rock Shox Liryk RC Solo Air fork with a 170mm travel in front is paired with a Rock Shox Monarch Plus R with 177mm travel in the rear. Such a long travel suggest that this bike was designed to cope with some serious terrain. The weight of 15kg (including telescopic seatpost) is very decent and points out that even longer trips will not be a problem. The big advantage is the adjustability of the frame, it is possible to set the travel 152/177mm and chainstay length 417/433 mm. Ultra-short rear end 417mm can be used only in combination with a smaller travel setting. NS Soda Air comes in two sizes, 15.5 "and 17", which is a shame, because on longer trips it can comfortably take only up to 180cm tall riders."


"For the test we have received the smaller medium size bike. We set the longer chainstay length and set the travel to full 177mm. Immediately after the first jump the bike felt really light and agile. Soda has a classic suspension and although RS Monarch Plus R allows pedalling with minimal bouncing it would not hurt to equip this model with a shock with ProPedal system which would be perfect for longer trips. On the uphill and the flat sections the bike felt more like an allmountain rig with a smaller travel. It would be even better if we had a bigger frame cause this felt a bit short and low. 40mm stem was also not ideal for endure concept. With a 36T single crank in front and 10 speed 11-36T cassette in the rear it allows you to ride smoothly and fast but I personally prefer even smaller 32 or 34T crank. The Kind Shock Dropzone telescopic seatpost with 125mm travel is a perfect adition to this bike and was working flawlessly."



"But when the slope turns NS Soda Air is in his element. Well chosen freeride geometry fits in your hand immediately. Classic freeride forks angled at 66°, relatively low center of gravity paired with a short rear triangle and a great weight of Soda Air are making it a very playful and fun machine."


"While we were testing this bike along with a Mondraker Summum it felt more agile and better at cornering. It was much more manageable and comfortable."


Test Mondraker Summum, NS Soda Air on Pinkbike


The guys from noticed also that despite a bit different then on the other pure-enduro bikes geometry the ride was comfortable and the suspension worked well coping with all sorts of terrain. Low weight and solid build quality make this bike perfect for jumping and having fun while riding down the trails.


While riding on the slippery DH trail their all-mountain favourite kevlar Maxxis Ardent 2.25" that came with Soda Air sometimes were not grippy enough. But they keep the overall bike weight at 15.1kg.



After the first ride on Soda a bit sceptical at first the guys seemed to be very excited. 


"It's a lightweight bike with really good geometry, which you do not have to worry about the bike park, on the larger jumps, or local DH track. Ideal for the rugged Enduro races, events like megavalance..."


"For the price of 74990 (CZK) -tax you get an original bike with great potential for various applications. It is light, reliable and equipped with quality components."


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