Garrett Robertson @ Ranchstyle 2013

JUN 01 2013
Garrett Robertson @ Ranchstyle 2013

''I didn't think Ranchstyle was even going to happen this year so when I got a message saying it was back on I was thrilled. Ranchstyle is always like the kick off event of the year for me and you get to meet up with everyone and see what they've been working on in the off season. Even though they pulled it together last second they made some great changes to the course this year and I think 2013 was the best Ranchstyle yet.


Pinkbike Best Trick-Ranchstyle 2013 on Pinkbike


Me, Noah Brousseau and Jeremy Weiss made the trip down together and we arrived Friday morning before practice and best trick. The course had gotten some rain the day before which packed everything in and settled the dust for near perfect riding conditions. Best Trick went off and everyone was throwing down banger after banger. I started off doing a couple flip whips and then after a couple runs I did my lawn dart front flip over it. I landed smooth and it felt just big enough to do the trick I wanted; so with some encouragement from friends I tried my first ever lawn dart x-up on dirt. I was so stoked to land it and ended up second in the votes behind Mike. A big thank you to everyone that voted for me!


Slopestyle finals were Saturday night and I didn't have the same luck. I had a pretty good running going with a 360 off the top drop and backflip out of the step down. I came into the big 5ten jump and popped for a flip whip, It was one of the biggest jumps I've flip whipped and it felt awesome as I caught the bike and came around. It all went wrong when I spotted my landing and realized it was behind me and I came down into the last couple feet of tranny. I tried to hang on but ended up with a face full of dirt. Luckily my beard cushioned the blow and I walked away in one piece.


On the way home from Colorado we were itching to do some more riding so we stopped at the Lumberyard in Portland OR. It is an amazing facility and the perfect play to go hang out and have some fun after a contest.



Photos by: Suspended Photography - Jeremy Weiss